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A night on the town, city lights spilling color in a perfect backdrop, a delicious dinner and icy cold drinks. and finally, our two favorite things, a special guy (or gal) and a device, any device. I want that back again, don’t you? Just sit, relax and I am going to show you how.




 I’m so glad you stopped by! By the time you leave I hope that I am on your daily stops so that you don’t miss a thing I am sharing with you. I have a new mission in life and it started with me. Most things do as we take stock of our lives, our health and physical stamina. This wasn’t the first time that I had thought of how the years were sliding by, each one seemingly faster than the one before. But it was the first time I felt the slight fear that I may miss a lot of things I still wanted to learn and do. To do that I have it means health, staying fit and as youthful as life will allow.

I am going to share my research of products that have been tested and found worthy of helping us to turn back time.

One last thing. This is fun too. You will see a slider show up to fill out with your name and email and I hope you will join the list. For doing that I have a gift for you that I think you will enjoy. It’s called a “Cheat Sheet”. Not like those “other kids” wrote on the palms of their hands in class during tests but then again, kind of. Plus these are yours to keep and they will come to you as long as you stay with me and keep that email viable so I can send them to you and any updates on our products. You probably won’t be as interested in each one as the first or second but they are a run learning aid no matter what the subject. If any of you want to create one for the rest of us just go for it! So fill out that form please and I will be sending you your first “Cheat Sheet”

And now for the good stuff.I am going to show you a short short prologue on the next page to introduce you to the items  I am happy about  because I actually have experience and can vouch for their quality and the results that I have seen with my own eyes. So I will meet you there on our quest for health first and then beauty.



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