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A clear star filled night sky, twinkling city lights across the water,a come hither look from a handsome man or a gorgeous woman, and a device any...device. I want that don't you? Of course you do!

Then follow me and I will show you how.


I 'm so glad you stopped by.  By the time you leave I hope that I am on your daily stops so that you don't miss a thing I am sharing with you. I have a new mission in life and it started with me. Most things do as we take stock of our lives, our health and physical stamina. This wasn't the first time that I had thought of how the years were sliding by, each one seemingly faster than the one before. But it was the first time I felt the slight fear that I was growing older and I could be cutting short the years that I have left to spend with my loved ones.

Up until the past few years, I had taken pride in keeping fit and looking nice but for the past few years I had let down. I had developed some serious health issues and as I got older and more sedentary I spent far too much time sitting on my backside 🙂 I should have begun setting up a routine to keep what I had for as long as I could before it reached this point. Sound familiar? I get a little close in the throat when I think of all I wanted to do before I leave this world. To that it means health, staying fit and as youthful as life will allow. I am almost down to my basketball teenage weight and it not easy as you know. But I have had some great help with products that are tested and true. Personal experience is the key here and I am passing the baton to you.

I am going to share my research of products that have been tested and found worthy of helping us to turn back time.

Before I move on to show you my first "finds" I want to clarify that I am not diminishing the joys of growing older. The soft cheek of a grandmother as her Grand baby snuggles in, the seemingly endless supply of good scents coming from her kitchen and the fine network of lines that crinkle around her eyes when she laughs, all make us beautiful. However we have health to consider also so we can stay with those grandchildren longer and join in their games. Plus I don't think I have ever heard a complaint about looking younger and more beautiful as we do it.

One more thing and this will be fun too. You will see a form to fill out with your name and email on this page and the next. I hope you will join the list. For doing that I have a gift for you that I think you will enjoy. It’s called a “Cheat Sheet”. These are yours to keep and they will come to you as long as you stay with me and keep that email viable so I can send them to you and any updates on our products. You may not find every one will fit you perfectly,  but they are a fun learning aid no matter what the subject. If any of you want to create one for the rest of us just go for it! So fill out that form please and I will be sending you your first “Cheat Sheets”  ( two the first time) in .pdf format.)

And now for the good stuff. I feel so good about these products since I have seen the before and after in the flesh with my own eyes. If you click on the link below that says products, you will find a little short prologue to the items I want you to see.  So I will meet you there on our quest for health first and then beauty.





"I must say that your approach works miracles for me. Real acupuncture hurts too much, and you offer the perfect solution for home treatment. Here in Belgium the doctors have never even heard about brain waves.I suffer from fibromyalgia, spasmophelia and chronic fatigue syndrome, maximum score on the first two. I’m now off all opioids and most of my benzodiazepines. Your program is groundbreaking! Thank you ever so much."

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